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Smarty Twomax Baby Hair Oil (100 ml)

115.00 95.00
Baby’s hair and scalp need just the right amount of nourishment and gentle care during the early stage of growth

Smarty Twomax Baby Lotion

Protect your baby from infections, and keep his or her skin soft and supple with the Smarty Twomax baby lotion.

Smarty Twomax Baby Rash Cream (50 g)

100.00 82.00
Smarty Twomax  Baby  Rash Cream mildness tested for baby skin, soothes sensitive skin, Heals rashes and relieves pain. To keep

Smarty Twomax Baby Soap (75 g)

45.00 37.00
Smarty Twomax  Baby Soap is formulated to gently cleanse and condition your baby’s skin, leaving it soft and hydrated.

Smarty Twomax Baby Wet Wipes

Smarty Twomax Baby Wipes from TWOMAX. Thoroughly Cleanes your body & skin. Leaves a lingering refreshing pleasant feeling of complete bath. Extra soft features keeps your skin smooth. Cleanses moisturizes and refreshes.